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Why Customized

Professional Learning and Mentorship?

With Covid cases dropping across the country, on-site professional learning and mentorship is becoming safe again. Ultimately, the decision is up to you and your needs. Schoolhouse Mentoring can provide on-site, virtual, and hybrid programs for coaching and support.

Your district and school stakeholders have Strategic Plans with set goals and objectives for your school community, and your professional development programs should be designed to meet these targets.


With so many urgent needs in education and rapid changes in the way we “do” school, your team needs a partner they can depend on —Schoolhouse Mentoring is your Partner – and we can provide customized programs to meet the challenges you are facing head on.

Every school community is unique, and your approach to professional learning and best practices should be, too.  When you work with Schoolhouse Mentoring, we know that your goals and needs are unique and are what make your school special.

Let’s just say we are different from most Professional Development Experiences. When you contract for our customized
Professional Learning and Mentorship experiences, you’ll get this and so much more:

The 4 Steps to Create Your Custom

Professional Learning and Mentorship Plan

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We’ll help you identify your specific needs and create a customized plan that gets you results now.

Secure Dates 


Let us know the dates and times that work best for you.



We will work to ensure your plan is perfect to meet your school needs.

Get Ready to Learn! 


We’ll be with you every step of the way to deliver a plan that is motivational and easy to implement.


can we help?

Every school community is different, and every district has diverse challenges and needs. That’s why a customized learning experience is ideal.

Let us know where you need the most help, and we are happy to design an experience that boosts learning (and fun!)





Most sessions are one day and approx. six hours. Some are 3-4 session packages. But we can customize the professional development to meet the time you have available.

At times, we can honor last-minute requests, but the earlier you contact us, the better chance we will be available on your date.

We are booking dates now for the upcoming school year. Many schools and districts book 6 – 12 months in advance, especially for multi-day training and initiatives.

The consultant will have a laptop. The school needs to provide the following:

  • A suitable room, including tables and chairs for trainer and participants
  • A projector and large screen
  • WIFI
  • If needed,
    • Sound system 
    • Microphone, if large crowd

* School provides either paper or digital handouts that are emailed from Schoolhouse Mentoring before the training

We are very flexible and understand you have certain scheduling challenges at times. We can provide onsite training, virtual training online via Zoom, or hybrid training with online and onsite training. Hybrid Training is best for coaching and multiple session training. 

Therefore, we can do a full-day training with the entire staff, two half-day sessions with different groups, 45-minute grade-level rotations, PLC times, or mini-lesson modeling. We are also available for before or after-school meetings and Saturday training.

With written notice, your professional learning or mentorship day may be rescheduled for a future date within the same school year up to 30 days before the designated date. However, the contract must be paid in full by the original training date.

Your Schoolhouse Mentoring consultant will email you two weeks prior to the training and include a PDF handout to be printed out for each participant in the training.

If you prefer, an interactive digital version will also be made available. If this is the route taken, please make sure electronic devices are available for all participants.

After the initial consultation call, a Quote and a Contract is provided via email. Quotes are valid for 30 days. The contract includes the date(s), time(s), topics, and goals of your training. A Purchase Order is generated as soon as a contract is signed and received. Next, we send an invoice on the day of training (for multiple sessions, an invoice is sent on the date of each session). Then, payment is NET 30 days via a check. An invoice can be provided in advance upon request.

Approximately three weeks before your training, a Schoolhouse Mentoring customer success manager will reach out to you to review the goals and outcomes for the day to ensure your needs are met.

Yes, we highly recommend additional support after training. Most schools find follow-up coaching is the key to real change. The days of “Drive-by PD” are essentially over.  You can request virtual or onsite coaching days to help keep everyone on track, achieve accountability, and provide the support needed to implement the training with fidelity.

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