Do you feel like the hours you are working increase every year?

If you are tired of giving everything to being a great teacher and not having a “normal” life, then the sustainable support model that Schoolhouse Inner Circle provides will reduce your workload while helping you become a Champion teacher. 

As a high school English teacher and mom to two boys, I realized after staying up until after midnight for nights on end grading papers, creating “cute” activities, and doing ‘Mom” chores that I didn’t have time to do during the day that there had to be a better way.  I was exhausted, but couldn’t turn my brain off because I was trying to make everything perfect for my students and my family. 


That is when I started putting the 4 Pillars of Schoolhouse Mentoring into practice and it changed my life! I finally had time to enjoy being a teacher again and to spend doing all the things that I dreamed about with my children and husband again.

In other words, I had the life that I had dreamed about when I went to college to become a teacher.

When you join the Schoolhouse Inner Circle, you will receive monthly training and resources on the 4 Pillars, you will be surrounded by a supportive community and have access to my expert advice and resources that you can turn to at any time to help you quickly solve the problems that come up day by day. In other words, you can take back your LIFE!

Who is this for?

  • Classroom teachers
  • Teacher Leaders
  • Teacher Candidates

What will you gain?

  • Access to a private community of teachers and mentors
  • Monthly Facebook Live/Zoom Training
  • Live Question and Answer Session
  • plus access to the recorded trainings as long as you are a member
  • Extra bonus content, workbooks, and teaching resources

Is the Schoolhouse Inner Circle for me?

If you’re trying to be a better teacher while reducing your workload and stress, then the answer for you is YES! 

Teaching is one of the most stressful jobs in the world, while at the same time being one of the most rewarding. This program will teach you a cutting edge approach based on sound educational principles while showing you how to have more time to pursue your dreams outside of school. 

So many teachers are considering leaving the profession because it has totally consumed their life. This doesn’t have to be you. 

What results can I expect?

Results will be different for each person, but it is proven that by using the tools and strategies and implementing them in a personalized way that works to address your needs, then you will see positive changes in the way you approach your classroom and your life. How would it feel to have more time, energy, calmness and happiness in your life? That is worth a small investment in you. You deserve to have a mentor to guide you to this result.

I’m so busy - how will I find time to do the program?

I have designed the Schoolhouse Inner Circle in a way to give you the maximum results in the small amount of time investment. With 1 (one) Training  and 1 (one) Live Q & A each month that recorded so that you can watch at your convenience, supplemented by the private Facebook group where you can interact with other teachers just like you and get bonus content from me at your leisure, the program has been designed just for busy teachers like you. Schedules, forms, and other bonus PDFs will be available each month to help you save precious time to give you more time to spend finally getting to do the things that you love. 

If you want to get the most out of being a part of the Schoolhouse Mentoring, there will be a time commitment. But the time is going to be so worth it for your quality of life.

Why is the price so low?

This is a brand new live BETA program which means that you will get the benefit of helping mold the program to truly meet your needs and give input. As a FOUNDING MEMBER of this truly innovative program that puts into practice all of the elements that will let you Be Your Best.

My goal was to give you a great experience at a drastically reduced introductory price so that I can get your input and gather data to refine and re-launch the program in the fall at a higher price. You will get this program at the lowest price ever, and if you choose the Introductory Lifetime Price, you will have access to the program forever.

For Founding Members – Limited Offer (join by the end of June 2021) at $29.00/month or $249/year. Membership Opens on June 15th and Closes on June 30th. Get on the WAITLIST Now.

What is the time commitment?

Two (1) Hour Live, Virtual Sessions each month.

How to Join For Free

Get funded with DonorsChoose

Get funded with DonorsChoose.  If you teach in a public school in the United States, you can create a professional development project and solicit donations for PD just like you would for any other DonorsChoose request. Learn more here.

Ask Your Administrators

Ask your administrators about the budget for supporting teachers with professional development for improving teacher quality. Public and some private schools receive funding each year that must be allocated for professional development. The Schoolhouse Inner Circle is one of the most affordable, comprehensive options and meets guidelines under COVID-19 restrictions. You can pay with a purchase order or school check/credit card even after the membership cart closes.

Request a Gift Certificate

Ask your family and friends to sponsor a gift certificate for your lifetime membership for $299. If you have a birthday or other important life event coming up, suggest a membership to Schoolhouse Inner Circle.