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Hey, you know I’m all about balancing school and home life – so I want to share some things that I did that were a waste of time and energy.

By sharing these, I hope I can help you avoid the same mistakes I made!

1) I stayed late after school almost every day to “catch up” on grading.

I thought if I just stayed a little later every day then it would help me stay current on my grading.

In reality, I was barely keeping up, because I was grading every homework and classroom assignment I gave students and that was on average 4 assignments per day. And grading all of those papers did not make my students smarter or result in higher student achievement.

2) If I didn’t finish grading papers at school, I would pack them up in my “teacher bag” and bring them home to grade at that night.

Back then I believed that I had to give papers back the next day but I I was drowning in papers.

3) I thought that I had to correct every missed item on their papers and make comments on each one.

I did this because that is what I thought every “Good Teacher” did.

Well, it turns out all I was doing was burning myself out trying to be that “Good Teacher.”

Now, its your turn! What things have you done to try and keep up with grading papers?

If you would like to learn ways to handle to mountain of papers your students turn in, then let me know by putting the words GRADING PAPERS in the comments below.

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