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Hi, I’m Becky Dukes and my passion is supporting schools and districts in their goals and vision for education excellence. Schoolhouse Mentoring is your premier service provider of high quality, engaging and exciting Professional Development and Coaching Services for teachers, schools, and districts.

At Schoolhouse Mentoring, we  support teachers and leaders to overcome struggles in the classroom or school setting so they can their live their best lives and experience school success whether they are in their first or 25th year of teaching.

Whole school transformation is attainable when Every Educator has a Coach.


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You've come to the right place.

I wished that I had someone to help me navigate the struggles that I faced those first years as a teacher and later, when I become an instructional coach and district leader. And that is why I started Schoolhouse Mentoring. I know that I would have become a Champion Teacher and Leader so much faster if I had someone like me to guide me throughout my education career.

As an award-winning teacher, instructional coach and district leader, I have created systems that provide support for teachers and leaders to become their best. We want to share these best practices with teachers, schools, and districts across the nation.   

At Schoolhouse Mentoring, our team is committed to provide you with transformative Professional Development experiences that will have your schools asking for more! 


How we can help

Schoolhouse Mentoring can help schools, districts, and teachers with all of the strategies and techniques that needed to be able to overcome the obstacles facing the education profession.  From free workshops for teachers, professional learning and mentorship programs for schools and districts and through our social media communities, our partners gain the knowledge they need to meet their personal, school, and district goals and vision, be more productive and achieve work-life balance. Schoolhouse Mentoring can transform your school, district, and teachers.

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The Schoolhouse Mentoring Better Way Workshops are OPEN! Each month we offer a Free 1- hour quick win live workshops with resources to solve a teacher problem at school or home.

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Schools and Districts get customized professional learning and mentorship programs designed to meet the unique needs of their school communities with onsite, virtual, and hybrid workshops and coaching packages.

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Social Media

Connect on Facebook or Instagram for tips, techniques, strategies, and encouragement that you can use in your everyday practice. And join us in the Teacher Talk! Club on the Clubhouse Social Audio app for weekly discussion on trending education topics. 

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Can you answer yes?

Do you feel a lack of support?  Are the long hours taking its toll? Do you need more strategies and skills to be an effective teacher? Do you need the right partner to transform your school or district? Then, you have come to the right place. 

“I would recommend Becky and Schoolhouse Mentoring’s workshops because she provides great ideas and resources around how to save me time as a teacher and improve student achievement.”
Elementary Teacher
“As a first-year principal, Becky has been an excellent thought partner in deciding which path to take in improving student outcomes in my school. We have built a relationship of trust and that makes her advice invaluable to me. She has a wealth of knowledge and is an expert after serving teachers and administrators in so many roles in education over the years.”
Middle School Principal
“I would recommend Becky and Schoolhouse Mentoring’s workshops because she provides great ideas and resources around how to save me time as a teacher and improve student achievement.”
High School Teacher

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